Preparing for the Unexpected

Solar power usage is on the rise. 

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), a new solar energy system was installed every 75 seconds in 2020. Currently, 18.6 million homes use solar power, which is around 3% of the country’s total energy usage. 

That’s a huge step up from previous years; and if this pace continues, we can expect to see approximately 13.6% of homes relying on solar by 2025

But with a solar panel system typically come battery or generator needs. And they’re experiencing a recent surge in popularity, too: The COVID-19 pandemic, increased risk of natural disasters and worsening storms due to climate change, and an aging electric grid infrastructure have urged homeowners to explore backup systems to keep their power on during potential outages. 

In fact, the SEIA predicts that “[b]y 2025, nearly 25% of all behind-the-meter solar systems will be paired with storage, compared to under 6% in 2020.”

So what should you look for in a backup storage system? Your main choice is between a battery or a generator. 

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